This function copies local node information and network type information into the provided buffers. All data is returned null-terminated and trimmed to fit in the provided buffers.

C format

int32 piut_netinfo(

char PIPTR * name,

int32 namelen,

char PIPTR * address,

int32 addresslen,

char PIPTR * type,

int32 typelen );



System Error




name (returned)

Local machine network name

namelen (passed)

Size, in bytes, of the buffer name

address (returned)

Local machine network address

addresslen (passed)

Size, in bytes, of the buffer address

type (returned)

Network type being used by the PI-API

typelen (passed)

Size, in bytes, of the buffer type

Usage Notes

If a name of ?unknown? is returned, then the PI-API is not able to find the name of the local system. If an address of ?unknown? is returned, then the name was not resolved in the local network database (or hosts file.)

On a DEC VAX the type of a PI Home node is always "PI home node" and a PINet node is always "PINet Node over DECNet."

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