Refer to the topic UNIX Installation Procedures for installation procedures common to all UNIX platforms.

Extracting Distribution Files

Mount the CDROM distribution using the command

# mount <mount point>

as root. The file /etc/filesystems contains definitions for CDROM mount points if they exist. Use the administration utility, smit, if possible to define and mount the CDROM directory. Otherwise, consult the manual page for mount for details on setting up the CDROM mount point. Once the CDROM is mounted, follow the instructions for extracting and installing the software distribution in UNIX Installation Procedures.


Source Modifications

None required.

Predefined Constants

Certain predefined constants are required for successful programming with the PI-API. Your compiler may automatically define these or provide a means to define constants for all compiled modules. If not, these defines must be included in your source before the PI-API header files are included.

For this platform the required constants are:

-Drs6000 Processor - for endianism
-Daix Preprocessor definition for some PI-API header files.
-qchars=signed Use signed characters.
Optional definitions
-q32 32-bit compilation (default)
-q64 64-bit compilation. Requires 64-bit PI-API library.
-D__STR31__ String optimizations and compatibility.
-D_ALL_SOURCE Extended definitions for prototypes.


Link using /usr/lpp/xlC/bin/linkxlC,
link with libraries -lpiapi -lC for single threaded programs,
link with libraries -lpiapi -lpthread -lC for multi-threaded programs,
and use linker options -brtl for runtime library.

System Files Redistributed

The binary executable files and PI-API library depend on system files normally installed on the operating system. The AIX dependencies are:

If compatibility issues arise with library dependencies, and library patch packages are not available, the AIX libraries that were used in compilation of the PI-API are available in the ./build/api distribution directory. These may be copied to the $PIHOME/lib directory in order to allow the PI-API to operate with a known working version of the libraries.

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