Node Identifiers

In the example above two servers are specified, MYNTSERVER and MYVMSSERVER. MYVMSSERVER is at port 545, which is standard for all Open VMS servers. MYNTSERVER is at 5450, which is typical of Windows NT and UNIX servers. Port numbers are used for TCP/IP connections.

The node ID (34618 for MYVMSSERVER above) is used to give a numeric alias to the server. This may be used by applications to promote moving applications to different servers or replacing or moving of PI Systems among servers. For example, if an application stores significant points, it will likely need to store a reference to the server where this point resides.

Applications that store many such points save significant space and processing time using a numeric representation. In addition, an application that uses the pilogin.ini file to associate server names to stored node IDs, can handle the PI System moving to a new server. Simply edit the pilogin.ini file to reflect the new server mapping and the internal node ID information about the location of the data will resolve to the new server.

Note: It is a good idea to use a consistent set of node IDs throughout a site, only changing them to reflect server changes.

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