HP Tru64 UNIX (OSF1)

Refer to the topic UNIX Installation Procedures for installation procedures common to all UNIX platforms.

Extracting Distribution Files

Mount the CDROM distribution using the command

# mount <mount point>

as root. The file /etc/fstab contains definitions for CDROM mount points if they exist. Otherwise, consult the manual page for mount for details on setting up the CDROM mount point. Once the CDROM is mounted, follow the instructions for extracting and installing the software distribution in UNIX Installation Procedures.


Source Modifications

None Required

Predefined Constants

Certain predefined constants are required for successful programming with the PI-API. Your compiler may automatically define these or provide a means to define constants for all compiled modules. If not, these defines must be included in your source before the PI-API header files are included.

For this platform the required constants are:


Processor - used for endianism


Preprocessor definition for some PI-API header files.

Compile Flags


Enforce ANSI C standard


Use IEEE floating point NaN’s and

denormalized numbers.


Link with cc which calls ld. If the program’s modules are in C++ compile and link with cxx.


Create a dynamic executable (one that uses shared libraries)


Create a static executable.

Link with libraries

-lpiapi -lm -lots -lcxx

System Files Redistributed

Most of the required files come on the base system CD. The proper subsets need to be installed to support C++ linking. The files required and their subsets are listed below:















One additional subset, cxxshrdae01307, is now required for programs compiled with the latest release of the C++ compiler. As the PI-API library is built with this compiler, this subset is distributed with the OSF PI-API and can be found in the PIHOME/lib directory after installation. The subset provides runtime support for this new compiler.

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