Solaris 1

Refer to the topic UNIX Installation Procedures for installation procedures common to all UNIX platforms.

Extracting Distribution Files

The PI-API-SOL1 is distributed on 3.5" floppy disk. The files on the disk must be extracted to the PI home directory. The following commands will perform this:

# cd $PIHOME

# tar -xvf /dev/rfd0

After restoring the files from the floppy, the following directories should exist under PIHOME:

bin dat include lib src

Post Installation

After successful installation of the PI-API, you will need to modify the pistart script:

Using an editor, open the file $PIHOME/bin/pistart. Find the following line: PSARG=-e # -cx for solaris 1

Modify the line to read:

PSARG=-cx # -cx for solaris 1

Make a similar change to the file $PIHOME/bin/pistop. You will need to make the files writeable:

chmod u+w pistart

chmod u+w pistop


Predefined Constants

Certain predefined constants are required for successful programming with the PI-API. Your compiler may automatically define these or provide a means to define constants for all compiled modules. If not, these defines must be included in your source before the PI-API header files are included.

For this platform the required constants are:

#define sparc

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