Windows Alpha Installation

The PI-API for Windows on Alpha hardware has two setup API installations. One is designed to deliver only runtime files and the other contains files used in developing programs.


This version of the PI-API is installed by executing the setup.exe. During setup, the program will detect any programs that are running that are using the piapi32.dll and request that they be stopped. Failure to do so will install, but only on reboot of the operating system. For an initial installation, the setup program prompts for the path with the default being Program Files\PIPC. On upgrade, the installation path cannot be changed. In order to change the installation path, an uninstall of the PI-API, and all programs installed in PIHOME, should be followed by reinstallation with a new path. Buffering may be configured to automatically start as a service.

Typically, the following programs and files are installed under the PIHOME directory.

There is a chance that programs may access a version of the PI-API that is different from the one just installed. This situation occurs when an old copy of the piapi32.dll file exists in a directory specified in the PATH environment variable, the current directory, or paths entered in the registry. If the piapi32.dll version that a program is using is not the version just installed, ensure that all previous copies of piapi32.dll are found and renamed. The Windows File Manager Search command (under the File menu) can also be used for this purpose. This may also be done from a command shell using the dir command with the /s option starting at the root of each disk. For example:


cd \

dir /s piapi32.dll

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