Function Reference

The topic for each function contains a short description followed by the C format prototype as specified in piapi.h, the common return values, a description of the passed and returned arguments, a cross-reference to the pi Toolkit function(s), Usage Notes and finally, examples are included for some of the functions.

Function return types differ slightly from those specified in piapi.h for clarity. The piapi.h declaration requires the calling convention (pascal, stdcall) as well as the return type. When declaring a variable to receive the function return value, you need only declare it of the proper type as shown in the following documentation.

Pointer declarations include a datatype followed by the word PIPTR (e.g., int32 PIPTR * compmax). PIPTR is a macro declared in the header pidefs.h, automatically included by piapi.h, which forces pointer declarations on 16-bit Windows platforms to be declared as FAR. It is strongly recommended that all 16-bit Windows PI-API applications be built using the Large memory model, which automatically forces pointer declarations to be FAR. Thus using PIPTR in application programs is usually unnecessary and is included in the documentation only for backwards compatibility.

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