Listener Installation

PI on OpenVMS

The PI Server application must be installed on any home node where PI-API access is required. Once installed, the PI Server will support connections from many clients, spawning a new instance of the application for each connection. Adding new clients does not require modification of this component. For instructions on installing the PI Server see PI System Installation/Update Instructions.

PI on Windows NT and UNIX

The pinetmgr application comes pre-built with each system. It is started automatically with the PI Data Archive and does not require extra installation or configuration steps to enable communication with remote nodes.

PI Server VMS User

PI Server versions using DECnet or DEC TCP/IP Services (UCX) require the PISERVER user to be created on the OpenVMS node.

Internally PI-API client nodes access the PI home node using the privileges and resources of the PISERVER account. This user must be added to the VMS user database. The command procedure will add and configure this user account. The privilege SYSPRV must be added to the PISERVER account for TCP access if the security is enabled and the default userdatabase in the piserver.dat file is VMS. This is accomplished by running the VMS Authorize utility and modifying the PISERVER account.

The commands are as follows:

$ cd sys$system:

$ run authorize

UAF> modify piserver /defpriv=sysprv

%UAF-I-MDFYMSG, user record(s) updated

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