Application Operation


On restart, the application is not loading all PI points with a fully configured cache file.


  1. Make sure the cache files have been previously configured during the initial application start using the point caching configuration. This can be verified by reviewing PI point value history on the PI Server using the appropriate PI client, such as DataLink and by reviewing the pipc.log file that contains the initial start of the application configured for point caching. The PI points for the application should have been receiving data during the initial cache build process. If no modifications to the PI Server database for PI points matching the application point source have been made since the cache files have been built, the number of points for the application starting from the cache file should be identical.
  2. Restart the application.
  3. Confirm the number of points matching the point source is identical to the number of points matching the point source on the PI Server.
  4. If the number of points loaded by the application does not match the number of points on the PI Server, attempt additional restart. If a restart is not successful, rename or delete the point caching files to allow the application to create new files on the next restart.
  5. Contact OSIsoft technical support if none of the above procedures results in a successful point caching configuration.

Deleting Cache Files

OSIsoft recommends renaming or moving the cache files to a backup directory. Delete cache files only if absolutely necessary.

To delete the cache files created by the application, the following procedure is recommended.

  1. Stop the application.
  2. Verify the location and names of the cache files belonging to the application. There are two files: a point cache file and digital cache file. The location and exact name of these files will be listed in the pipc.log file for the application instance.
  3. Delete the cache files.
  4. Restart the application to generate new cache files.
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