Point Types

The PI-API function pipt_pointtype returns a single letter code indicating the data type of a PI point. The code returned is either "R" for floating point tags, "I" for integer tags or "D" for digital tags.

The behavior of this function does not change when used to examine point types on PI for Windows NT and UNIX. As a result, it is not possible to determine more detail about the point, for example, whether a floating point value is represented as a scaled integer, 32-bit or 64-bit quantity. String points in PI for Windows NT and UNIX cause the function to return "I".

One new function has been added to provide detail on the extended data types:




Returns a detailed data type code for the passed PI point number.


This function returns a code indicating the data type. The codes can be found in the extended PI-API include file piapix.h. They are implemented as a C-language enum data type.

This function will work correctly for PI for OpenVMS. In fact, this function can be used to determine the difference between a scaled or full precision floating point value.

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