System Errors

When communicating with PI on OpenVMS systems almost all error values greater than zero indicate a system fault. When developing applications over a distributed environment, the system errors that may be encountered include both those errors derived from the home node or server and those derived on the local node or client.

Typically, local errors are related to the network layer system calls and to privilege and quota problems. Most of these errors will have an accompanying message in the local message log.

Remote errors are more difficult to address. For calls to PI on Open VMS, system errors are usually even numbers greater than 6 (six) and can range from quota to file system problems. To interpret these errors under VMS use the DCL command

write sys$output f$message(#)

where # is replaced with the returned error value.

Calls to PI on UNIX or Windows NT return system errors that are less than or equal to -10000. To interpret these errors consult the comments in the file pistatus.h or run the command

pilogsrv -e #

where # is replaced with the returned error value.

Often the best a program can do is trap for these errors and log them for later resolution. Typically, the PI Server node message log must be consulted to resolve persistent problems.

Of particular note is the system error 2, which can be returned when communicating with any PI Server. This indicates a communication failure. Typically the program is unable to send a message to the server or it has sent a message to the server and timed out waiting for a response. The default timeout is 60 seconds but is configurable in the PI-API initialization files.

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