Tag Search and Point Attributes

Tag searches and point attribute viewing are supported by dialogs which query the PI Data Archive and display results. These dialogs are related and use a TAGLIST structure for describing points.

An application calls pilg_tagsearchdlg initially to display a dialog where the user can specify various tag search criteria, execute the query using buttons in the dialog and select from the displayed list, the desired point(s). The dialog has a button to immediately display the point attribute dialog for the selected points.

When the dialog is dismissed, the library maintains a list of the selected points which can be queried using the pilg_getselectedtag function. The caller provides a TAGLIST structure to be filled for a single point and in successive calls walks the list of selected points.

With each return, an application may call pilg_pointattdlg passing the just retrieved TAGLIST structure for a dialog displaying all of the points attributes. This function can also be called without using the preceding functions if the caller fills in a TAGLIST structure with the appropriate values.

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