Time Zone and Daylight Settings

The client machine’s current time zone and daylight savings settings are used to interpret the meaning of the local time members of the PITIMESTAMP structure. Therefore, timestamps set for the ambiguous hour in the fall time change will default to the current daylight setting.

For example, timestamps set to 10/31/99 1:30 with the system clock reading up to the first 10/31/99 1:59:59 will be set to daylight time. After the second 1 o’clock hour begins, the timestamp will default to standard time.

The pitm_setdst function may be used after the pitm_settime or pitm_setpitime functions to change the daylight setting if needed.

All other valid times are unambiguous. The pitm_setpitime and pitm_settime functions will correctly determine which daylight setting is appropriate for the time settings provided.

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