ModuleDB Tree-View Control


A Module Database tree-view control consists of a MS TreeView control and "query date" controls.

The TreeView is the main component of  the control, it visualizes the Module Database in a hierarchical manner and allows user interactions, such as drilling down the hierarchy, selection of modules etc.

The query date controls on top of the tree-view show the current date and allow the users to select the date:

- directly typing in the date and pressing the Apply-button.

- invoking the "DateTime" picker dialog by pressing the (...) button.


What the control looks like in the Visual Basic toolbox.



What the control looks like in an application.



When to Use This Control

The MDBTree control can be used to view, and search, the Module database in various ways. However, the main use of this control is to allow selection of a module, an alias, a property or a heading for use as context in an application.

How to Use This Control

Site this control on a form. Invoke the setServerList method to define the servers to connect to, otherwise the default server will be used. Also use the ViewStyle property to set the view suitable to the application. Subscribe to control events in order to get notifications on important events.


Configuration Options

The control has numerous properties that affect the behavior and the visibility of different types of database objects. The most important of these is the ViewStyle property that sets the view to a pre-defined setting. The individual properties can be used to further adapt the features to suit the application needs, see Properties for a complete list of available features.


Other features


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