modifyServerList Method

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This method can be used to add servers to the list or remove them from the list, one at a time. The specified server is added or removed without any adverse effect on the existing servers. The intend is to allow the host to modify the servers list without a full "reset".

This method returns a success code (int), 0 = success.



[Visual Basic]

Public Function object.modifyServerList( ByVal serverName As String, addServer As Boolean ) As Integer


public int object.modifyServerList( string serverName, bool addServer );


The modifyServerList method syntax has these parts:





An object expression that evaluates to a PIAcrhiveEditor object.


A know/defined server name.


Defines if the server should be added (true) or removed (false).



The caller must pass a valid server name or the method will fail. The method will fail when trying to remove a non-existing server or trying add an unknown server (not in known server list) or trying to add the server twice.



    Assembly: OSIsoft.PISDK.Controls.PIAcrhiveEditor (in OSIsoft.PISDK.Controls.PIAcrhiveEditor .dll)



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