AliasSearch Object

The Show method of the AliasSearch object displays the PI Alias Search Dialog.

When programming in Visual Basic 6, there is no need to declare an AliasSearch object.  Simply type AliasSearch.Show and the AliasSearch dialog will be shown.  This works in Visual Basic 6 because there is a Global Multiuse PISDKDlg.ApplicationObject2 object that has a property called AliasSearch and returns an AliasSearch object. The Global Multiuse PISDKDlg.ApplicationObject2 is automatically instantiated the first time that the AliasSearch dialog is shown by calling AliasSearch.Show.  As long as the AliasSearch dialog is shown in this manner, the PISDKDlg.ApplicationObject2 will always return the same instance of the AliasSearch Object, which means that the AliasSearch dialog will persist changes to itself over the lifetime of the application.

When programming in C++, Visual Basic .Net, and C#, the AliasSearch object must be created explicitly.












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