Show Method Example (TagSearch Object)

For this example, open a new visual basic executable project. Make a reference to the PI-SDK Dialogs, the PISDK Type Library, and the PISDKCommon Type Library.  Drop 2 list box and 2 command buttons on a form. Change the MultiSelect property of List1 to Extended.


Option Explicit


Dim nvs As NamedValues

Dim PtList As PointList


Private Sub Form_Load()

  Dim srv As Server

  For Each srv In Servers

  List1.AddItem srv.Name


End Sub


' TagSearch.Show method with no servers or options specified.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

  Set PtList = TagSearch.Show


End Sub


' TagSearch.Show method with servers and options specified.

' The server names are specified in nvs, which is a NamedValues collection.

Private Sub Command2_Click()


  Set PtList = TagSearch.Show(nvs, _

  tsoptDisableServerPickList + _



End Sub


Private Sub CopyListToNamedValues()

  Dim Index As Integer

  Set nvs = Nothing

  Set nvs = New NamedValues

  For Index = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1

  If List1.Selected(Index) Then

  nvs.Add List1.List(Index), 0

  End If


End Sub


Private Sub FillPointList()

  Dim pt As PIPoint


  For Each pt In PtList

  List2.AddItem pt.PathName


End Sub

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