PI message log and 32-bit and 64-bit installations  

The PI message log and PI message definitions are installed in different locations for 32-bit and 64-bit installations of PI SDK or PI interfaces.

These differing locations can cause issues identifying messages or viewing older messages in the PI message log under the following circumstances:

Workarounds for these issues are as follows.
Symptom Resolution
You cannot identify messages in the log using the Error Lookup feature in PI SDK Utility Use Windows Services to restart the PI Message Subsystem service (pimsgss).
You cannot view messages that were posted to the PI message log before the newer PI SDK or interface was installed Copy the PI message log files from the LOG subfolder of the older installation to the LOG subfolder of the newer installation.

PI message log filenames start with pimsg_ and end with the .dat extension, and are stored in PIHOME\LOG for 32-bit applications and PIHOME64\LOG for 64-bit applications.

For example, if you installed a 32-bit interface on a node with 64-bit PI SDK, copy the files named pimsg_*.dat from PIHOME64\LOG to PIHOME\LOG.

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