PI SDK buffering and existing applications  

The following summarizes key behaviors and recommendations for using PI SDK buffering with existing PI SDK applications.

Changes to Consider for Existing Applications

Existing custom PI SDK applications will continue to work without changes when you upgrade to PI SDK 2010 R2 or later. However, to get the maximum benefit from the upgrade, OSIsoft recommends that you plan to make the following changes at your earliest convenience:

PI to PI and PI SDK buffering

Before PI SDK buffering became available, PI to PI was one of the recommended options for copying PI SDK data among members of a collective. Starting with PI SDK 2010 R2, OSIsoft recommends using PI SDK buffering, not PI to PI, to distribute data among collective members.

OSIsoft does not recommend implementing PI SDK buffering on an existing system that uses PI to PI. Under the following circumstances, PI SDK buffering and PI to PI will both attempt to write the same data to the non-primary members of a collective:

This may cause errors, duplicate events, or both.

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