PI SDK buffering to PI collectives  

When PI SDK buffering is enabled, PI SDK can connect to and write data to any member of each PI Server collective, and the data will be buffered and sent to all members. If needed, you can use Buffering Manager to exclude individual collectives or collective members from the buffering configuration.
Note: If you exclude collectives or collective members, they are excluded from all buffering on this computer, not just PI SDK buffering.

When PI SDK buffering is not enabled, PI SDK writes data as it did in previous versions. In other words, PI SDK can be connected to any collective member, but by default it can write data only to the primary member. If PI SDK is connected to a secondary member where AllowSDKWriteValues is set to True, then PI SDK writes to that connected member. (AllowSDKWriteValues is a setting in the PI Server timeout table. By default, its value is False.)

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