ReferenceTime Property (DynamicTime Object)

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ReferenceTime is a Read/Write property used for relative time calculation in conjunction with the InputString property. For example an InputString of "-2h" would subtract 2 hours from the ReferenceTime property to determine its output time. This object performs the PI-API's pitm_parsetime functionality. As the ReferenceTime takes a PITime, you can pass a PITime, a PITimeFormat, or a DynamicTime for this argument. This allows setting a reference as another DynamicTime. The property, if not set, will evaluate internally to the current time for its Clock Source.

When retrieved this property returns a fixed time evaluated at the time of the call.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a DynamicTime object.


Setting the reference time will release any previously set clock source. Setting the clock source will release any previously set reference time.

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