PITime Object




PITime is the simplest object used to represent a specific time in the PI-SDK. Internally it stores time in UTC. The object is “server independent”, meaning it has no notion of the time zone where it originated. The PITime properties provide Read/Write access to the stored time in a few basic formats. When reading or writing to a property that exposes the time in local (wall clock) format, all conversions are made based on the time zone settings for the system where the object is executing. To interpret a PITime as a local time in a different time zone, use the PITimeFormat object, which can be set from a PITime.


UTC is "Coordinated Universal Time", or "Universal Time, Coordinated". It is UTC instead of UCT because the abbreviation is based on the initials in French, not English.


This object supports the IPIPersist interface.


This object is independently creatable.

ProgID: PITimeServer.PITime


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