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PITimeZoneRule is an object used to represent a particular rule for a transition to or from daylight savings time and standard time. The Gregorian calendar is assumed for all properties. The PITimeZoneRule object must be created and set to a valid rule before adding to a PITimeZoneInfo



Dim tzRule As New PITimeZoneRule


Property Type Description
 StartYear  long First year the specified rule is applicable
 EndYear  long Last year the specified rule is applicable. If this year is set to the same as the start year, the rule is applied only that year.
 Month  long Month of the year when the rule is applied (1 to 12).
 Week  long Week of the month when the rule is applied (1 to 5 or -1). Week 5 indicates the last week in the month. Thus, it will often resolve to the fourth week. To use an absolute day of the month (fifteenth day of March), week must be set to -1.
 Day  long Day of the week (day of the month if Week is -1) when the rule is applied.
 Time  long Time of day when the rule is applied (seconds, 0-86340). For example, 7200 for a 2 a.m. transition
 BiasOffset  long The offset to apply to the time in seconds. For example, -3600 for the daylight rule and 0 for the standard rule.



A BiasOffset for a time zone rule will define either the standard bias or the daylight bias, depending on whether the time zone defines January as standard (Northern hemisphere) or daylight (Southern hemisphere) time. If bias is the offset from UTC for the time zone, the local daylight time is
local time = UTC - bias - StandardBias - DaylightBias.
Otherwise, the local standard time is
local time = UTC - bias - StandardBias.


This object supports the IPIPersist interface.


This object is independently creatable.

ProgID: PITimeServer.PITimeZoneRule




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