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A collection of ITimeInterval objects. There are nine ITimeInterval objects provided by the PITimeServer and others may be implemented and installed by users using the ITimeIntervals interface. Each object provides its naming, and handles associating given times with the appropriate interval member. The object also handles interval based time arithmetic. Interval arithmetic is in local wall clock time except for second, minute and hour. These latter three use UTC time arithmetic.



This object is independently creatable.

ProgID: PITimeServer.TimeIntervals

This object implements the ITimeIntervals2 interface and the methods it contains.

The nine intervals provided by the time server are listed in the following table. All intervals contain a range of ordinals from a low to high member. Only those listed below contain names corresponding to the ordinals for the interval members (both full name and short or abbreviated name). Also, the intervals that support fractional values are listed.

Name Short name Plural name Contains member names Supports fractions
second s seconds no yes
minute m minutes no yes
hour h hours no yes
day d days no no
month mo months yes no
year y years no no
week w weeks no no
weekday wd weekdays yes no
yearday yd yeardays no no

These interval names are the locale independent interval names. Each name is also localizable using the PITimeServer resources.

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