Deploying your Custom Time Server

Basic Deployment

To deploy your custom interval server, you must install the DLL on a client machine, register it with Windows, and register it with the PITimeServer.

To register the DLL with Windows, use RegSvr32.exe.

To register the DLL with the PITimeServer, you must edit the registry. Under the key






you must add a value whose type is REG_SZ, whose name is the same as the Name property of your server, and whose value is the CLSID of your server, in registry format.

Assisted Deployment

With this tutorial, there comes an unsupported utility program that does all these operations. In addition, it makes a few basic validity checks on the interval server.

This utility is called RegisterIntervalServer.exe, and comes with a brief help file.

If you don't want to distribute RegisterIntervalServer.exe to each client machine, we recommend the following procedure:

·        Run Regedit and find the value that was just entered.

Now you can deploy a copy of that registry file to each client machine and run it there.

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