Item Property (Aliases collection)



In an Aliases collection the Item property is used to retrieve the server name (handle, Server.Name) associated with the passed alias index. The returned value is a string.



object.Item Alias

The Item property syntax has these parts:




An object expression that evaluates to an Aliases collection.


A string containing the alias for which the Server name (handle) is desired.  In the case of the Servers.Aliases collection this is typically an alternate serverID or an alternate name for the server. In the case of Servers.PathAliases it is an alternate (typically out of date) path designation to the server.ServerIDs are typically numbers but are treated as strings for flexibility.  Enter a numeric serverID in quotes.  



The Item property is the default property of the collection. The Item method ultimately checks against data from the Known Server Table ServerAliases table or the Known Server Table PathAliases table.

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