MTItem Property (MTNVS collection)



The MTItem property retrieves a member from a collection by the passed index. Read-only.





The Item property syntax has these parts:

Part Description


An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.


An expression that specifies a member of the collection, as described in Settings.



The settings for index are:

Setting Description (collections implementing setting)
position number Specifies the position number of a member of the collection. Must range from 1 to the value of the collection's MTCount property. (See Remarks for specifics).
name Specifies a collection member as a string by name. This is equal to the MTName property of a member of the collection. (See Remarks for specifics).



A string for the index will be coerced to a number if the name of a MTNV item doesn't match. This can result in a error of -2147220445 - pseOUTOFRANGE instead of the expected pseNAMENOTFOUND. It can also result in an item being returned even if the MTName doesn't match.






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