DumpToString Method (NamedValues Collection)



Returns a delimited string which contains the names and values from the collection.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.



The format of the returned string is:

 name [= value] {; name [= value] }

Name-value pairs are separated by semicolons. Within a pair, the name is separated from the value by an equal sign.

If any NamedValue in the collection contains a value which cannot be converted to a string, it is an error.

You can often use LoadFromString on the returned string to reproduce the original collection. However, this procedure yields a collection different from the original in these cases:

- A name or a string-type value contains leading or trailing blanks. LoadFromString ignores these blanks.

- The collection contains one or more values which is not a string, but can be converted to a string. LoadFromString loads these values as strings.

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