PICampaignList Collection




PICampaignList is a collection used to manage a set of PICampaign objects. Unlike the PICampaignDB object, which is a representation of the corresponding database on the Server, the PICampaignList is merely a collection of objects.  Adding or removing objects from the collection has no effect on the server.  The individual PICampaign objects contained, however, continue to map to their respective representations on the server.  The PICampaignList can be created independently and PICampaign objects inserted into it.  The list is also used to return the results of searches in the PICampaignDB, Search and PICampaignSearch.



This object supports the IRefresh, IPIPersist, and IPIServers interfaces.


This object is independently creatable.

ProgID: PISDK.PICampaignList

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