Add Method (PointAttributes collection)



The Add method creates a PointAttribute object from the passed NamedValue object and attaches it to the current PointAttributes collection. This is only valid for PointAttributes collections obtained from a PointClass object or AttributeSets collection and only when these parents are not currently referenced by any points in the system. This method, in effect, extends the PointClass or AttributeSet definition. The method returns a reference to the created PointAttribute object.


Not Implemented



object.Add nvPointAttribute

The Add method syntax has these parts:




An object expression that evaluates to a PointAttributes collection.


A NamedValue object whose name property contains the desired name for the new attribute and whose value property (a Variant) is of the desired type and contains the desired default value.



Adding attributes to point classes and attribute sets is currently not supported. Adding attributes to existing PIPoint objects will likely never be supported.


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