OnEdit Event (Servers collection)



Occurs after any of a Server’s editable properties has been modified. It returns the Server and the old and new value of the property as NamedValues collections.


Private Sub object_OnEdit(Server As PISDK.Server, OldProperties As NamedValues,
NewProperties As NamedValues)

The OnEdit event syntax has these parts:




An object expression that evaluates to a ServersEvents object.


A Server object which is the server that has just been edited.


A NamedValues object which contains the names and previous values of the edited properties.


A NamedValues object which contains the names and current values of the edited properties.



In the current release, the OldProperties and NewProperties collections each contain only one item, because the Server object does not provide any methods that would edit several properties at once.

Server properties that are editable in the current release are ConnectTimeout, DefaultUser, Path, Port, and Timeout.

If a server’s RemoveDefaultUser method is called, the value in NewProperties will be an empty Variant.

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