Merge Method (PISDK objects)



The Merge method combines the contents of the passed collection or list with this collection or list. The objects merged must be of the same type.



object.Merge expression

The Merge method syntax has these parts:




An object expression that evaluates to a collection or list defined in the Applies to section.


An object expression that evaluates to a collection of the same type as object.



In most cases, Merge adds a reference to each object in the passed collection/list to the current collection/list; no new objects are created. In the case of the PIAliases, and PIProperties collections, new member objects are created in the target collection based on those in the collection to be merged. For example, when merging a PIAliases collection from a PIModule to another, new PIAlias objects are created in the destination PIAliases collection.


A PIProperties collection can't be merged into an MTPIProperties collection and visa-versa.


The PI-SDK collections follow two naming conventions--the plural form of the object name, and the object name suffixed with "List". The plural form always relates to a collection on the server. The "List" form relates to a collection of objects that only exists in the client application, for example, the results of a search. Merging a "List" only modifies the local collection. Other merge targets, for example PIAliases, will modify the collection on the server.



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