EndTime Property (PIBatch objects)



EndTime is a Read/Only property that returns the end time of a batch object, as a reference to a PITime object.  The end time is the time the particular object ended activity.  The EndTime of a PIUnitBatch should be within the start and end time of its parent PIUnitBatch and within the start and end time of its parent PIBatch; this is not enforced. The end time, of course, must be newer than the object’s start time. EndTime is a read only property. Changes to this property are made through the SetEndTime method.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.


If this property is not set, that is, the property evaluates to Nothing, the EndTime is implied as current time or the process is still in progress. For example, while a PIUnitBatch is running, the EndTime property is not set.


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