Setting Description
VT_BSTR A time/date string. Microsoft or PI Time string format. If a relative time string is specified here (e.g. -1h) it is interpreted relative to the current time on the local system where it is called. The PITimeFormat and DynamicTime objects can be used for more complex time specifications.
VT_DATE A VARIANT containing a DATE representing a local date on the current system
VT_R4,VT_R8,VT_I2, VT_I4 A VARIANT containing a number representing seconds since 1970 UTC.
VT_DISPATCH, VT_UNKNOWN A VARIANT containing a reference to a PITime object. This can also be the PITime interface from a PITimeFormat or DynamicTime object.
VT_EMPTY An empty VARIANT used to indicate the current server time should be used for the value.
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