Timeout Property (CollectiveMember object)



This read-write property is a long which specifies the period in seconds that a synchronous call placed to the server should wait before determining the server is not going to provide an answer. The Timeout is persisted in the Known Servers Table. If no Timeout has been set for the collective member, the timeout value is taken from the PISDK.Timeout property also stored in the Known Servers Table. If no Timeout has been set for the PISDK object then a default value of 60 seconds is used.

To remove the storage of the Timeout property for a collective member and revert to the default behavior, set the CollectiveMember.Timeout property to 0.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a CollectiveMember object.


The timeout property is configured on each workstation.  In a normal network and with ordinary server calls the default setting is appropriate.  In situations where network latency is high, or calls which require extensive server processing are made, the number can be increased.  As the property affects communications to particular server locations, different members of a collective may use different settings.

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