PathFromServer Property (ICollectiveMember2 interface)



A Read-only string property that contains the network path to the member server. The path may be in the form of a fully qualified network name (e.g., an IP address (e.g. or a host name specified in the workstation’s host table or available from the local area network’s Dynamic Name resolution Service (DNS) (e.g. UNIT1SERVER).



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a ICollectiveMember2 interface, obtained from a CollectiveMember object.


The PathFromServer property is automatically configured when a collective is added to the Known Servers Table with Servers.Add, or when a server that has become a collective is first opened.

Currently every server gets just one fully qualified network name, PathFromServer. This assumes that path is valid for every part of the network. However, some network configurations map their server to different paths depending on the subnet the client is on. This situation can be handled by setting the PathOverride on the client.

The PathFromServer property comes from the member server and can not be modified on the client.

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