Take Method (EventPipe object)



This method removes the next item from the EventPipe and returns it as a PIEventObject.  The EventPipe behaves like a queue where new items are added to the back of the queue and items are removed from the front of the queue.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to an EventPipe object.



The PIEventObject returned will have contents that depend on the event pipe from which it was retrieved.  See the PIEventObject for details.

In versions prior to 1.4, when a user explicitly closes a server used by an EventPipe, the PI-SDK marks the EventPipe as a disconnected object. For an EventPipe connected to multiple servers, closing any one of the servers will mark the entire EventPipe as a disconnected object. Further method calls on the EventPipe will return a pseDISCONNECTEDOBJECT error, except in the case of ListSignup for an EventPipe of type of eptPointList or eptPointListArchive. Version 1.4 of the PI-SDK removes this restriction.  See the help page on Disconnected Objects for more details.

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