PollInterval Property (IEventPipe2 Interface)



 The PollInterval is a read-write property used to retrieve or set the interval in milliseconds with which the internal thread in the PI-SDK polls the server for events for the EventPipe.  Polling intervals are initially set based on the producer type and reflect typical usage patterns. Setting the poll interval for an EventPipe affects that instance of the pipe but does not affect other instances in an application nor is the setting persisted for future runs. 




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to an IEventPipe2 interface from an EventPipe object.



Changing the poll interval on the client has side effects that should be considered.  Setting a lower poll interval will send more update requests to the server which it must process.  The client's PI-SDK retrieval thread will spend more time processing as well.


Default poll intervals are set as follows:

EventPipe Type


Description Default Poll
Interval (milliseconds)
eptPIPoint Snapshot events 5000  
eptPIPoints Point database update events 120000 Implemented for PI3 only
eptPointList Snapshot events 5000  
eptModuleDB Module change events 5000  
eptBatchDB Batch change events 5000  
eptTransferRecordDB Transfer record events 5000  
eptCampaignDB Campaign events 5000 Not Implemented
eptUnitBatch Unit batch events 5000  
eptPIPointArchive Archive change events 60000  
eptPointListArchive Archive change events 60000  



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