PipeType Property (IEventPipe2 Interface)


 PipeType is a read-only property returning a value from the EventPipeTypeConstants enumeration identifying the source / type of this EventPipe.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to an IEventPipe2 interface from an EventPipe object.



PipeType returns one of the following:


Pipe type Description
eptPIPoint All new and edit events for a PIPoint
eptPIPoints Point database change including tag addition, edit and removal.
eptPointList All new and edit events for points in a PointList
eptModuleDB Module database changes
eptBatchDB Batch database changes
eptTransferRecordDB Transfer record database changes
eptCampaignDB Campaign database changes
eptUnitBatch PIUnitBatch changes on a PIModule that is a Unit
eptPIPointArchive Archive events for a PIPoint
eptPointListArchive Archive events for points in a PointList


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