SourceAny_Filter Property (IMessageFilterNames Interface)



SourceAny_Filter is a read-only property of the IMessageFilterNames interface that returns the filter name expected by the List2 method for filtering by any of the Source1, Source2 or Source3 message fields.


Source properties of a message are provided by an application to show a chain of causation (root cause) or related items that contributed to the condition described by the message. The ProgramName property of a LogMessage or LogMessage2 object may also indicate part of the message causation.  In the case of a complex application with embedded controls, the message log reader may wish to consider the ProgramName in association with any provided source message properties.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a IMessageFilterNames  interface.


The IMessageFilterNames interface can be obtained directly from the MessageLog2.MessageFilterNames property or by using QueryInterface (assignment, in VB, casting in .Net) on a MessageLog or MessageLog2 object.

When adding to the NamedValues collection, the IMessageFilterNames interface acts with Intellisense to show the available parameter options and ensures only names that are supported are used.

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