SeverityOverride Property (IMessageSendNames Interface)



SeverityOverride is a read-only property of the IMessageSendNames interface that returns the message parameter name expected by the MessageLog2.SendLogMessage method for specifying a message severity.

The Severity parameter specifies an enumerated constant from the pisdkSeverityLevel enumeration that represents the criticality of the message.  PI Servers, version 3.4.380 and greater, automatically associate a predefined severity to messages based on templates.  An application can override this setting when posting a message and can also send a severity for messages that don't use a message template using this property name. 




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a IMessageSendNames  interface.


The IMessageSendNames interface can be obtained directly from the MessageLog2.MessageFilterNames property or by using QueryInterface (assignment, in VB, casting in .Net) on a MessageLog or MessageLog2 object.

When adding to the NamedValues collection, the IMessageSendNames interface acts with Intellisense to show the available parameter options and ensures only names that are supported are used.

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