IPISDKOptions Interface



The IPISDKOptions interface is a secondary interface supported by the PISDK object.  The interface provides methods that can be used to retrieve and set options controlling behaviors.  These methods can be used by an application to change behavior at run time.   The options are broken into three categories: Directory options; Authentication options; and Environment options.  For each category there is a method to get the current option settings, get the available options, and to set the options.


 The "set" methods allows the caller to optionally persist the behavior. Persisted behaviors, whether turning them on or off, will affect all subsequently run PI-SDK applications unless they explicitly set behaviors for themselves.  Setting these behaviors in a persistent manner is an administrative behavior, typically performed once.  Reading and setting these behaviors without persisting is a typical application behavior. 


Category Option Description
Directory   Options which control the location of resources such as PI Servers
  AutoAdd When looking for a server in Servers.Item or ServerManager.Item, if an entry from the Known Servers Table (including checking aliases, etc.) can't be found, create a new Server object and return it. In the case of Servers, there is no request to connect so the only check by default is that the passed name can be resolved to an IP address. For ServerManager, if a connection cannot be made with the new server, an error is returned.
  CheckIP The check for a network resolvable name when performing an AutoAdd can be disabled by the "CheckIP" setting .
Authentication   An ordered set of authentication methods to be used when making a connection.  The options on any given machine are obtained with the GetAvailableAuthenticationOptions method.  The possible options are shown below.
  SSPI Windows Security Support Provider Interface (Single Sign On)
  Trust PI Server trust mechanism
  DefaultUser Default PI user name with a blank password
Environment   Options to impact the behavior of the running environment
  NOPISDKBUFFERING Flag to turn off automatic buffering with pibufss in PISDK 1.4 and later.
  BUFFER_RECOVERABLE_DELAY_SECS Time in seconds the PI-SDK waits after receiving a recoverable error from the buffering subsystem before retrying.
  BUFFER_RETRY_OPEN_DELAY_SECS Time in seconds the PI-SDK waits after failing to open a collective member server for registration only before retrying. 
  BUFFEREDSERVER The name of the PI Server or Collective to which the PI Buffer Subsystem will buffer data.
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