IPISecurity2 Interface



The IPISecurity2 interface is a secondary interface supported by objects in the Applies To list.  The interface has two methods, GetSecurity and PutSecurity, which allow the getting and setting of the security attributes of the objects that support it. 


PI3.x supports the following security attributes:





A string with the name of the PIUser who is the owner of the object.


A string with the name of the PIGroup whose access rights are specified in the Access attribute


String that specifies the access rights of the owner, group, and world. Example: "o:wr g:r w:r"


PI 3.4.380 servers or later only. This security string contains an Access Control List (ACL) of PI Identities and their access rights. 
"piadmin: A(r,w) | PIAdministrators: A(r) | piworld: A(r)".



The Security attribute supersedes the Owner, Group, and Access attributes for PI 3.4.380 servers or later. The Owner, Group, and Access attributes are supported to the extent possible to be backwards compatible with applications that use them.


PI2.x Servers don't support this interface.


ProgID: PISDK.IPISecurity2

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