IPIServers Interface



The IPIServers interface is a secondary interface supported by objects in the Applies To list.  The interface has one method, GetObjServers, which allows the caller to obtain a collection of the servers required to access the objects contained within other objects.


For example, a PIModule object has a PIAliases collection. This collection contains PIAlias's that have a DataSource property. This property's value is a PIPoint object. The PIPoint object's server could be the same or different than the PIModule which contains the PIAlias.


If there is a problem restoring the sub-object an error is returned in the PIErrors collection. For example if the server for the sub-object is not in the PISDK.Servers collection, an error is returned in an PIErrors collection. The name of the server is set as the Cause property of the PIError object.




ProgID: PISDK.IPIServers

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