IRefresh2 Interface



The IRefresh2 interface is a secondary interface supported by objects in the Applies To List.  The interface has one method, RefreshToDepth, which allows the caller to update the contents of an object's cached data from the PI server, specifying the depth in the PI-SDK hierarchy of this refresh operation.   




This interface represents a refinement to the IRefresh interface which always refreshed the current object as well as some or all of the object's children (see the individual help pages for each object for more information) in the PI-SDK hierarchy.  See the IRefresh interface (under See Also) for a more detailed discussion of when refreshing is advisable. With the RefreshToDepth method of this interface, more control can be exercised over the extent of refreshing undertaken.


Because the IRefresh2 interface inherits from the IRefresh interface, you may call the Refresh method from this interface as well.


Currently this interface is only supported by a limited set of objects.  It is anticipated that many of the objects that currently support the IRefresh interface will support IRefresh2 in the future.


ProgID: PISDKCommon.IRefresh2


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