OnAvailabilityChange Event (IServerAvailability Interface)



This event fires when an application is connected to a collective and the currently connected server determines that the availability of one of the collective members has changed (become available or unavailable). The local information regarding the member servers is updated to reflect the change so on receiving the event, an application can retrieve the CollectiveList and examine the StatusInfo in each CollectiveMember. The StatusInfo NamedValues collection contains an IsAvailable member whose value is non zero if the server is available. The event passes a Server object which represents the currently connected server that received the availability notification from the server.

Signing up for this event in Visual Basic is done through the IServerAvailability interface using the AvailabilityEvents property.  The event is available from the objects in the Applies To list.



Private Sub object_OnAvailabilityChange(ByVal theServer As Server)

The OnAvailabilityChange event syntax has these parts:




 An object expression that evaluates to an AvailabilityEvents object.


A Server object of the server that has detected the availability change.



This event, like the OnDisconnect event, in Visual Basic is accessed through a property of a separate secondary interface IServerAvailability .AvailabilityEvents. This interface is available from both the Server object and the Servers collection. 

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