ResetKSTServerID Method (IServerID interface)



This  method resets the ServerID in the Known Servers Table for a particular Server so that the real Server ID returned from the Server is set into the registry as the ServerID property for that Server.




The ResetKSTServerID method syntax has these parts:




An object expression that evaluates to a IServerID interface obtained from a Server object.



This method may be used to aid in a situation where the server ID returned by a PI server has changed.  This is described in the IServerID documentation (See Also).  One method of dealing with this change is to enter the new Server ID with the desired server handle (local name) in the Servers.Aliases table.  This is described under the IDFromServer method of this interface.  Another method is to call this method which overwrites the Known Servers Table entry with the real server ID for this server.  As the change of a Server ID on the server is not a normal event, it is important that the caller of this method ensures the server being connected to is actually the desired server before calling this function.


Important note


The functionality of this method has been altered in PISDK version The earlier versions only reset the "confirmed" flag in the registry and the ServerID was changed when the server was re-opened. This functionality had an undesired side effect of automatically creating an alias for the old ServerID.

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