ID Property (LogMessage object)



The ID property of a LogMessage is a Read-Only long integer that identifies the message template under which the message was inserted. Message templates  represent predefined language independent messages that can be displayed using resource files for a particular language. These template strings can contain placeholders for message content that is inserted dynamically at runtime into the message.

A message ID of 0 is used to indicate a message that is not predefined and contains text that has been inserted directly into the logging system. Messages with this ID can not be displayed in multiple languages and do not require resource file support. Messages inserted with MessageLog.PutString use an ID of 0.  The method MessageLog2.SendLogMessage is used to send template messages.  




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a LogMessage object or a LogMessage2 object.



The LogMessage2 object inherits from the LogMessage object and supports all its properties.  LogMessage objects are returned in a LogMessages collection from a call to MessageLog.ListLogMessage2 objects are returned in a LogMessagesEx collection from a call to MessageLog2.List2.  Note an object with a numeric suffix typically means the object inherits form the object without the suffix and thus supports all its methods and properties (for example MessageLog2 inherits from MessageLog and thus supports all the MessageLog functions).

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