LogTime Property (LogMessage object)



The LogTime property of a LogMessage  or LogMessage2 object is a Read-Only DATE that identifies the time when the message was logged by the receiving log. Times are displayed in the local time of the PI-SDK machine where the application calling this function is running.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a LogMessage or LogMessage2 object.



The LogMessage2 object inherits from the LogMessage object and supports all its properties.  LogMessage objects are returned in a LogMessages collection from a call to MessageLog.ListLogMessage2 objects are returned in a LogMessagesEx collection from a call to MessageLog2.List2.  Note an object with a numeric suffix typically means the object inherits form the object without the suffix and thus supports all its methods and properties (for example MessageLog2 inherits from MessageLog and thus supports all the MessageLog functions).

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