LoggedPITime Property (LogMessage2 object)



LoggedPITime is a Read-Only property of the  LogMessage2 object  that returns a PITime object which represents the time that the message was sent or accepted by the system.  PI Servers prior to version 3.4.380 assign the time when they store the message.  With 3.4.380, the PI server accepts the time from the caller and allows sub-second timestamps. When sending messages to a PI message subsystem with a version 3.4.380 or higher the PI-SDK will timestamp the message with a sub-second time when it is sent. This applies to messages sent either with the MessageLog2.SendLogMessage method or the older MessageLog.PutString method. 




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a LogMessage2 object.




Because the time property is returned as a PITime object, the caller can render the time in a number of different ways and easily translate it to different time zones and formats.
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